Guide to Creating a Great Blockchain UX

Guide to Creating a Great Blockchain UX

A well-designed notification system is also designed with accessibility in mind and has the flexibility to accommodate different languages. Because my thinking is limited by the standards of the current user interfaces. So, I can’t get a clear visualisation of what the solution would look like for this naive problem statement.

UX alerting issues in trading platforms

We are ready to delve into the specifics of your project, providing you with expert insights and optimal solutions. This gap in demand and supply creates a huge opportunity and competitive advantage for cryptocurrency brands that will address this need for better UX. Finally reaching the design stage of our project, my UX partner and I began designing low-fidelity wireframes and then converted them into mid-fidelity wireframes in Figma. We were brought on to redesign twoPLUGS’ app after the launch of their first design suffered from several usability issues and bugs. Our team has fully developed the BlocFX web application, covering the frontend and backend.

Technical traders accustomed to MetaTrader and cTrader might find themselves pleasantly surprised at how powerful OANDA’s offerings really are. Our analysis showed that OANDA was the best US MT4 forex broker but also offers other options including TradingView and the provider’s in-house web, mobile and desktop interface. In the article, we discussed how to build a stock trading platform, shared the challenges we faced, and how our team worked, and provided some insights on how to develop a trading platform. Currency trading is an industry that triggers the great interest of income seekers. Traders worldwide turn to software companies with requests to build a trading platform that could effectively and quickly analyze data on currency pairs. The side-by-side comparison gives appropriate insight into their similarities and dissimilarities on “Broker’s basic details,” “Broker Ratings,” “Charges,” “features,” “Investment options,” “customer support,” etc.

It is recommended that this process be done in collaboration with a developer as in most cases they can be impartial and able to help troubleshoot edge cases the designer may not have considered. A car’s dashboard is full of gauges, icons, and lights designed to provide visibility into the car’s operating system and ensure safe and reliable operability. When we drive, a cluster of readouts and notifications about engine temperature, battery health, oil pressure, lights, brakes, airbags, and so on keep us informed.

For instance, most newcomers don’t know that it is more secure to keep cryptocurrencies in offline wallets. And some exchanges don’t provide the functionality to transfer crypto to offline wallets, allowing custodial storage only. This is a serious UX issue, considering that the platforms don’t inform their users about the potential risks of this option.

For example, you may require that the metric be above the defined threshold for at least 5 minutes and/or within the last hour. This message confuses the user about the meaning of “funds” and sends mixed signals about what they can and can’t do and why posing serious UX design problems and user concerns. The person is convinced that something malicious has happened, while in reality, there are many harmless reasons for pending transactions. There is a myriad of widespread UX problems typical for blockchain that stem from low investments in UX/U.

UX alerting issues in trading platforms

But the case when the number of users goes down, while the costs stay the same is also possible. And it without permanent monitoring of the app cannot be tracked immediately, but only when the bill arrives at the end of the month. So, make sure that the services your team provides include post-release support to make sure the product works as intended. Since a trading application is partly professional software — it’s important to rely on reliable and supported solutions. Hybrid apps solve the problem of users and give us the possibility to support as quickly as possible through wireless delivery of new software (OTA) and a single code for iOS and Android.

UX alerting issues in trading platforms

My Project Manager conveyed user needs as she led this project and knew the customers who have faced broker and brokerage platforms issues. Designing select was my first big project as a UI/UX designer at my first job. The lines were blurred in the design process with no design team in place, and my CTO was the all-in-one product guy who helped me with his continuous feedback. Don’t forget to add this feature to your app — users should be given an option to search for active stocks and their present rate in the market.

  • There is no minimum deposit requirement to open an account, however traders must meet margin requirements to take a trading position.
  • If we asked you to describe a stock trading company twenty years ago, you’d probably imagine a big room with dozens of people lively talking on their phones and looking at the computer screen.
  • ” Because it’s an afterthought, this tacking-on approach frequently produces sloppy “frankendesigns,” which hurts the UX.
  • UX design is an important mechanism that can be applied to almost any product or its parts.
  • By 2027, it is expected to cost $32,4 billion, which is almost a 60% annual growth rate!

After conducting a competitive analysis, it was clear that the key direct competitor here was Bunz — a platform for buying and selling products and services locally that uses its own cryptocurrency, BTZ. As a benchmark for ease of use and trustworthiness, Rover (indirect) really stood out with its super descriptive user-profiles and simple in-app navigation. Moving forward, this helped us generate ideas for how we could set twoPLUGS apart from its competitors.

But again, functional features will differ from exchange to exchange, so you need to test your solution and gather user feedback to fuel improvements. To earn customers’ trust and loyalty, blockchain services need to focus as much innovation on their customers’ experience as they focus on the backend development. As a result, we see crypto exchange platforms with utterly broken UX that is close to impossible to wrap your head around for anyone but blockchain gurus. According to Statista, only 9% of traders are satisfied with the crypto exchanges they use. The platforms most people end up finding are complicated, frustrating, and often borderline unusable services that push them away.

This calculator helps in computing the brokerage charges and other charges that are imposed apart from the brokerage while undertaking trading transactions. It computes the total cost that one would incur while undertaking the trade transaction. After landing on this page, the first thing the user is likely to do is “To know which broker will be best for them.” Hence the CTA “Top 5 brokers.”instantly shows the user the top 5 brokers the user can choose from. This help user to accomplish something just after landing on this page, without thinking much.

EToro does not offer account holders the option to trade via a desktop platform. Nor does the broker support third-party integrations for either MetaTrader 4 or MetaTrader 5, which limits the use of expert advisors and other trading bots. The analytical tools available on eToro’s in-house platforms should meet the needs of intermediate or beginner traders, but those with more experience who prefer the MetaTrader interface may feel restricted. The Standard and MetaTrader 4 accounts charge no commission or funding costs and offer a minimum spread of 1.2 pip.

By prioritizing usability, visual appeal, and personalization, these apps can attract and retain users in the competitive financial market. Professional traders and casual investors agree that IG offers first-in-class proprietary trading platform design trading platforms for web, mobile and tablet. But now there are a lot of APIs that help build a stock trading app with secure connection of bank accounts to fintech apps quickly and affordably, for example, Plaid API.


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