Refund and Returns Policy


                                                       Purchasing Policy:

TSUMEL.COM is an online platform where sellers and buyers would be able to directly connect with another. TSUMEL.COM promotes sellers in its platforms and buyers are able to be in direct contact with these sellers. TSUMEL.COM does not manufacture nor does it take responsibility for any product sold on its platform. All the goods sold in the TSUMEL.COM platform are sold by the sellers of TSUMEL.COM and responsibility is taken by the sellers as per their agreements with TSUMEL.COM.

Unless it is stated in the product information that a certain product has guarantee for it, TSUMEL.COM does not provide any guarantees for products.

Customers are provided information regarding the sellers and are responsible for checking the originality of the said products. Being an online platform for sellers, as a virtual shopping mall, TSUMEL.COM does not store any products and cannot check the originality of the products and cannot guarantee it unless it is from their strategic partners. Buyers are advised to directly consult with the seller to be assured of quality and originality of the products.

TSUMEL.COM will ensure the return of products within 3 days from the customer’s end if the customer faces the aforementioned difficulties. TSUMEL.COM always looks out for the best interest of its users.

TSUMEL.COM is an online marketplace with thousands of registered sellers and operates as a virtual and futuristic shopping mall.

Sellers are urged to mention in their shops if any product is a duplicate/replica. Failure to do so will result in penalization for that specific store and the seller will be held liable for any complaints regarding replica products by the customer. It could range from financial penalization to the dismissal of the store from TSUMEL.COM’s platform.